The Technology

Our drones are built specifically for high-end professional ultra-HD aerial video production services. Whether it is in the air with our Freefly ALTA 8 drone, or on the ground with the revolutionary Freefly MōVI Pro brushless camera gimbal, our components are designed to streamline the shooting process in order to save your production both time and money.


In the air

As our primary tool for high-end aerial drone cinematography, SkyMotion Video proudly makes use of the Freefly ALTA 8. The Freefly ALTA 8 expands the capabilities of the ALTA line of multi-rotors for our most demanding customers who want to carry the largest cinema payloads on the market. Designed to work in conjunction with the Freefly Movi PRO gimbal, the ALTA 8 will support payloads up to 20 pounds (including gimbal), making it ideal for today’s lightweight cinema cameras. The ALTA 8 allows the gimbal to be mounted above, as well as below the aircraft, enabling “sky view” shots.Freefly Alta 8

6K RED Dragon Camera Body

Through the lens

Our system is flexible and adaptable so that you can choose the best tools possible to tell your story. Whether you choose to make use of our in-house 6K capable RED EPIC DRAGON camera package, or prefer to mount a different camera and configuration, SkyMotion Video is all about options and finding the best solution to meet your project’s goals. Most compact cinema cameras are compatible with the system. This includes solutions such as RED WEAPON, ARRI Mini, Blackmagic URSA Mini, Canon C300, and Sony A7Rii cameras.

Movi PRO Handheld

On the ground

When really close work is needed, or when working in very small spaces, SkyMotion Video can quickly switch the Freefly MōVI PRO camera gimbal over to ‘hand-held’ mode, allowing for smooth Steadicam-like shots. But it doesn’t stop there. We’ve mounted this to cars, jibs, stage coaches, and yes, even a camel. We invite our clients to let their imaginations go wild and envision intricate hand-off shots in order to construct scenes like never before. Because of the small size of the MōVI system, the camera can easily be passed through windows, brought up ladders, lowered by ropes, and much more – all while delivering smooth stable footage.

Paralinx Tomahawk

Viewing live

See what the camera is seeing in real-time at the ground station or at a daisy-chained monitor. An uncompressed full-HD video signal is transmitted to the ground via the Paralinx Tomahawk, offering real-time wireless HD with unprecedented range. The receiver automatically switches seamlessly back and forth to the best signal, so that you don’t miss a moment of the action. Connect an external recorder to the receiver and enjoy on-the-fly HD dailies.