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Wow time flies!

As we haven’t posted anything in almost a year regarding our and it isn’t because we haven’t been busy. In actual fact, 2016 has been one of our busiest and filled with absolutely amazing projects. Plus, to top it off, a new baby boy came into our lives as well! And so, we hope that throughout the following months we will be able to shed some light onto what we have been up to.

What we feel most fortunate about is that within our specialty of high-end aerial cinematography services, we are able to work on such a wide variety of film shoot types. From large crews of hundreds of people for fiction television and commercials, to stripped down documentary crews, we love to be versatile and cater to the different needs of our clients.

Set of Reign Season III in IrelandWe have worked on many fiction television programs this last year, such as American Gods, Incorporated, American Gothic, Reign, Terrific Trucks and Killjoys to name a few. Each project needed to meet different specs for the broadcasters and different camera configurations to fit the artistic choices of the directors and cinematographers. Last year we had a whole array of requests, such as night filming, special effects, tracking shots of all sorts, cable cam rigs and car mounts. Each of these challenges only served to remind us how unique our jobs are.

We had the pleasure of traveling to Churchill Manitoba to film arctic landscapes, polar bears and belugas for the documentary series “Arctic Secrets”. Nature documentaries have always held a dear pBears sparring in the waterlace in our hearts, and we were thrilled to be going to such a extraordinary place in Canada. Since Chuck Taylor our drone pilot is also an experienced director of photography, we were sent as a small crew of 3, with the freedom of choosing the best light and shots for telling the story. Churchill offered us so many beautiful moments and the weather was absolutely perfect. One of our favorite scenes we witnessed on our trip was polar bears sparring in the water. This moment along with the huge numbers of beluga whales, made this a truly memorable trip.

Other travels included a trip to Ireland to film the season three finale of the television series Reign, Jamaica for commercials, and Alberta and Newfoundland for other commercials and documentary series.

We love to do what we do, and we can’t wait to share some of the beautiful shots we have achieved this past year.

But enough of all that. Time for a baby photo!

Baby Christopher

Meet baby Christopher! Son of drone pilot Chuck Taylor and drone camera operator Gabrielle Nadeau.

We look forward to see what 2017 has in store!

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