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American Gods, the all-new television series from Starz, is one which we worked for on many occasions last year. Principle photography took place all around Toronto, the GTA, and throughout south-western Ontario. Based on the Neil Gaiman’s book, the story is driven by interesting characters consisting of old gods and new gods in the contemporary setting of modern day America. The world is chaotic, the characters are strange and mysterious, and the visuals are absolutely stunning. We were so happy to have been involved in multiple episodes as it allowed us the opportunity to get to know the wonderful crew, and to work with an extremely talented assortment of directors and directors of photography.

This show is heavy with visual effects for the characters, the environments, and the events in the story. They also used virtually all the tools available to achieve camera motion; such as dollies, cranes, underwater housings, and of course drone-based aerial cinematography. Although some early filming was conducted in the US, SkyMotion Video was chosen for their drone aerial cinematography needs for all their filming in Canada.

6K Red Dragon on Movi M10 and RT MotionTheir configuration of choice was our former SkyJib X8 with the Freefly Movi M10, in-house 6K Red Dragon Camera kit with a selection of PL lenses along with the RT Motion follow-focus system.

American Gods is premiering on May 1st on Starz and Amazon Prime and we are so thrilled to see the results! We, of course cannot show anything we have shot as the series is just starting, but some of our work is featured in this featurette where the camera pulls away from the Goddess of Spring into the air.

We look forward to seeing the reviews offered by the general public after this show goes live tonight!

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