The Technology

Our drones are designed and built from the ground up, specifically for high-end professional ultra-HD aerial video production services. Whether it is in the air with our remote-controlled multi-rotored aircraft, or on the ground with the revolutionary Freefly MōVI brushless camera gimbal, our components are designed to streamline the shooting process in order to save your production both time and money.

6K RED Dragon Camera Body

Through the lens

SkyMotion Video is not a GoPro production company. Enjoy professional Ultra-HD resolutions with our 6K capable in-house RED EPIC DRAGON camera package.

Aerial video drone in flight inside a canyon

In the air

The SkyMotion aerial platform is the most stable rc system available. Our 8-rotor design lifts the weight more efficiently than single-rotor design, resulting in increased stability, and the possibility of lifting heavier payloads.

Using an array of sensors including GPS, barometric, and 3-axis gyros, SkyMotion aerial platforms are further stabilized using an advanced computerized flight algorithm to make sure your shots come out smooth and sharp. With the ability to hold position and/or altitude at any point in the sky, you’ll be sure to capture the action from the precise angle you imagined.
Keep the camera locked on target. Our Freefly MōVI brushless camera gimbals provides full control over the pan, tilt, and roll. The speed of these functions can be adjusted on the fly to allow for both graceful smooth motions for landscape work, and high speed camera moves for those action-packed moments. Combine these functions with the system’s landing gear which rotates as the camera does, and you are left with complete camera control, clear of obstructions.

Paralinx Tomahawk

On the ground

See what the camera is seeing in real-time at the ground station or at a daisy-chained monitor. An uncompressed full-HD video signal is transmitted to the ground via the Paralinx Tomahawk, offering real-time wireless HD with unprecedented range. The receiver automatically switches seamlessly back and forth to the best signal, so that you don’t miss a moment of the action. Connect an external recorder to the receiver and enjoy on-the-fly HD dailies.

Freefly Movi in UAE

When really close work is needed, or when working in very small spaces, SkyMotion Video can quickly switch the Freefly MōVI camera gimbal over to ‘hand-held’ mode, allowing for smooth Steadicam-like shots. But it doesn’t stop there. We invite our clients to let their imaginations go wild and envision intricate hand-off shots in order to construct scenes like never before. Because of the small size of the MōVI system, the camera can easily be passed through windows, brought up ladders, lowered by ropes, and much more – all while delivering smooth stable footage.