Drone aerial still frame of resort in Columbia for RBC Commercial Drone Filming

Colombia is a country full of beautiful lush landscapes. When seen from above with a drone, the beautiful turquoise water with white beaches and deep green canopies exude the feelings of a tropical adventure getaway. This backdrop proved perfect for the filming of RBC’s latest commercial campaign for their RBC Avion Visa Card. For this adventure, SkyMotion Video was chosen to travel from Toronto to this beautiful country in order to provide the drone commercial filming services for all of the aerial work.

Once again, we had the pleasure to work with director Luis Gerard, and director of photography Sonnel Velázquez, as well as the production team of Holiday Films for these two new commercials being filmed in the region of Santa Marta, Colombia. The region has so much to offer; the high sea, waterfalls in the mountains, exclusive coastal villas, ridges and much more. Needless to say the filming days were action packed. The drone was certainly put through the paces during filming over the week as we took off from boats, tight sections of dense rainforest jungle, or off cliff ridge edges. The shoot was full of adventures as we hopped from one location to the next, but two beautiful commercials came out of it! So far the first of these two commercial which feature our aerial cinematography has been released. We invite you to check out the first one below.

EDIT: The second was just released as well!

To get the aerial shots of the catamaran took some fancy flying as boat options were limited, and the waves continually rocked back and forth. The solution was to create a platform for the drone on the bow of the boat with extra-high walls on the sides to prevent the drone from sliding off and into the sea. It was essentially like trying to land a drone in a big moving bucket! However challenging this portion of the shoot was, the results were beautiful, and did well to promote the excitement of travel and adventure.

Drone on the boat for RBC Drone Commercial Filming in Columbia

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