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9 July 2014

BBC Wild life in the Bahamas

Once again the BBC Natural History Unit selected SkyMotion Video as their octocopter team to provide them with new interesting dynamic shots of nature. There were two different upcoming BBC series, which both required on location filming within the Bahamas...


9 July 2014

Charlevoix Tourism 2014

After coming back from Dubai, SkyMotion Video was proud to be selected again by Nova Film for creating the winter edition of the tourism campaign for Charlevoix in Quebec...

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30 June 2014

Aerials near Dubai

In March 2014, the SkyMotion Video team prepared themselves for their last location shoot with Clearwater Documentaries, for their three part documentary project: “Human Odyssey”...


23 March 2014

Philippines + Palau

In February of 2014, the SkyMotion Video team was moved from severely dry deserts in Africa, to lush tropical islands in the southern Philippines and Palau. This region of the Philippines is known as a real hotspot for kidnapping - especially of Caucasian visitors...


24 February 2014

Aerial Video in Kenya

In January 2014, SkyMotion Video was sent to the Great Rift Valley in Kenya to capture some ultraHD aerial video for the upcoming CBC documentary series, "Human Odyssey". Time was limited to only three days for this shoot, so quick planning was essential to make the shoot at the site a success...


19 January 2014

India with 6K RED EPIC Dragon

We were asked if we could squeeze in a quick trip to Bodh Gaya, India. This was our first shoot in India, and our first time flying the carbon fiber RED EPIC Dragon 6K camera...


18 January 2014

Wild Brazil Airs

On January 14th, 15th, and 16th, the BBC Two three-part series “WILD BRAZIL” aired. For those of you who were lucky enough to catch the show, it was a real visual feast, which we at SkyMotion Video were thrilled to be a part of...


1 January 2014

South Africa + Namibia

In South Africa and Namibia our remote controlled aerial video service, and new MOVI M10 stabilized handheld service were used extensively for both dramatic recreations of early humans and for dynamically capturing the contemporary scenes of humans which still...


8 November 2013

Papua New Guinea

We have just successfully finished our trip to Papua New Guinea, and we thought we’d take the time to share with all of you a bit of our experiences from the single most memorable shoot of our lives...


16 October 2013

International Shoots - Movi with RED

We are just finishing up our packing for an exciting four and a half months of international shooting. Armed with our remote-controlled drone, the 5K RED Epic, and our new Movi M10/MR brushless camera gimbal, we are prepared to set out for what will likely be an unforgetable journey...