Heroes Reborn

Over the past year, from March to October 2015, we have had the pleasure of providing drone aerial filming services for the television series “Heroes Reborn” in and around the Toronto area. The show is a mini series based on NBC’s original series “Heroes”. While not quite a sequel, “Heroes Reborn” has kept some of the characters from the original series, but their world has changed now that the population knows the existence of evolved humans, called “evos”.

We couldn’t mention our involvement until the show was broadcasted, but the show has led us to film in wonderful locations such as downtown Toronto, above frozen Lake Simcoe, and beautiful rural estates and country roads throughout Southern Ontario.

All drone filming was completed using SkyMotion Video’s in-house 6K RED Epic Dragon camera. As Heroes Reborn is a visual FX heavy television program, having the full 6K resolution goes a long way towards providing the amount of visual information needed in order to make these effects believable. A few of the shots in the video below truly exemplify the quality of the work performed by the visual effects team at Toronto’s Spin VFX. These include; the “Where are the heroes?” message written on top of the barn, creating crowds of people in overhead aerial shots, and completely adding in the large white conference building seen at the ‘Evos & Humans United’ summit.

So now that the entire season of Heroes Reborn has been broadcasted we are happy to share this selection of clips of our aerial video shots which were part of the various episodes of this mini-series. Happy viewing!

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