New SkyMotion Video Website makes it easier to read all our aerial video news

Happy New Year everyone!

Well last year we have been pretty terrible at posting news and footage regarding our aerial video services, and it’s not because there was a lack of news. We have actually been very busy. More and more we have been offering our aerial video drone services to the film and television industry, and while it has kept us quite busy, most TV shows have asked us to keep our involvement quiet until the show is broadcasted. So here we are, 11 months since our last post and we have been holding back so much news. So to start the New Year, and to make all this upcoming news easier to read, we are happy to present our newly improved website! All re-coded so that is 100 % responsive. So from now on, you can browse our site on a tablet or smart phone with much more ease. How 2016 of us!

Over the coming weeks we hope to share more news about our past filming projects from 2015, as well as some news about what 2016 has in store.

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