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Last year in 2015, another series which has kept SkyMotion Video busy with its premier drone aerial cinematography services in and around Toronto Ontario, was the exciting new Hulu original series, ‘11.22.63’. Starring James Franco, produced by JJ Abrams, and based on the novel from Stephen King this new Hulu original series is by far the most ambitious and expensive production to come from the streaming service.

Taking place in the late 1950s and early 1960s, ‘11.22.63’ follows an unlikely time traveler (James Franco) who attempts to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The assassination of course occurred on November 22 1963.

As part of the filming for the nine episodes took place in Canada, SkyMotion Video was chosen for the drone aerial filming for these segments being shot in Ontario. For one period of filming, the production completely controlled the Main St of Schomberg Ontario. This was important as multiple camera units were working in different parts of the town, and everything in front of the lens needed to be accurate to the late 1950s time period. Every car on the street, every pedestrian walking on the sidewalks, every waving American flag, and advertisement needed to be just right. But of course, no matter how hard the art department works to keep everything accurate, there are often a few things which for practical reasons are out of their control. One of the key establishing shots of the town shot by SkyMotion Video’s aerial video drones, was an overhead shot of the hero’s car as it rolled slowly down main street into town. From an aerial perspective we of course see satellite dishes, modern possessions in backyards, and a whole array of small details which blow the illusion of being in the late 1950s. This is where the visual effects (VFX) department comes in. After first motion tracking the aerial footage, they are then able to go in and paint out all these pesky modern ‘give-aways’ which could break down the accuracy of the show. Fortunately however, other areas where SkyMotion Video performed aerial cinematography for the show was much less demanding in regards of maintaining the period look – such as in natural environments such as forests, or along rivers, etc.

Unlike most streaming programs which go online an entire series at a time, Hulu is instead releasing one episode a week. Starting today with episode one, Hulu will release one new episode each Monday for the next eight weeks. We again are very proud to have been part of this exciting miniseries, and look forward to watching the series over the next two months.


  1. This new website is PHENOMENAL!!! Love all the video clips and the write ups to accompany them. Wonderful job on this, unknown how hard you two worked on this! Love it- SkyMotionVideo is the BEST!!!

  2. Awe inspiring, Fantastic and amazing don’t begin to describe how beautiful your work is. You both have some very real talent, thanks for letting us see the world through your lens!

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